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Food Services & Equipments

Food Services, Catering services & Equipment, cooling & storage system, Restaurants & catering system & consultants

Tableware & Accessories

Tableware & accessories, Glass & porcelain ware, Kitchen utensils & bar equipment, Restaurant setup, buffet ware.

Food and Beverages

Foodstuff, Coffee and Tea, Organic Foods, Fruits, Frozen Meats, Canned food etc...

Room Service Equipments

Laundry equipment & solutions, mini-bars, room service equipment


Amenities, bed & table linen, bedroom & bathroom textiles , table & kitchen linen, uniform & clothing


Hygiene equipment & solutions , vending machines, trollies


Car-parking facilities, car-rental & services, contracting services, , valet parking services


Social services, recruitment, laundry services, video services & photography, Standardization organizations


Maintenance & repair systems , A/C & ventilation systems, waste disposal & management systems, control systems & services

Entertainment Systems & Solutions

Telecommunication systems, Conference services & equipment, audiovisual devices, Sound and management systems & tools, Entertainment System and Solutions

Systems Integration

High speed internet access systems , Automatic payment services, Information security services, E-commerce and web application

Control Systems

Control systems & locks, Room automation system & Technology, Inventory and control systems and solutions

Health Clubs

Security & guard , Health club, kids club etc.., Sauna room setup, jacuzzi

Resort & Landscaping Solutions

Solutions for building, Developing and Equipping resorts, landscaping solutions, outdoor furniture, limestone ,granite & marble pavers

Health Clubs Equipments

Spa & Sauna products and tools Suppliers, Gym equipment & machines, heating and cooling system

Building Materials

Building material Suppliers, Wall panels, landscaping, building systems

Window & Door Setup

Design software, facades, green building systems, window and door manufacturers, elevator setup services & maintenance.


Hotel property developers, signage, Designers & Engineers, parking lot supplies.


Curtains & Fabrics, Upholstery, Wallpaper & Paints, partitions, ceilings

Furniture & Accessories

Building Arts & Accessories, Flooring & Carpets, bedding supplies & furniture, café furniture, recreation setup and design

Interior Design

Handmade Arts & paints , interior designers, lightings

Commercial Kitchens

Cooking accessories, Commercial kitchens, ovens, utensils, kitchenware, Dishwashers, Storage & Refrigerators.

Bathroom Setup

Towels, robes, slippers, toiletries, Hairdryers, Bathroom Setup, Sinks& tubs, shower curtain, bathtub doors

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools, Automatic Hand dryers, hand dryers, washing machine, washing dryers